Lessons in Kingdom Leadership, Saul and David

Origination is fundamental to leadership. Kingdom leaders originate “kingdom” by establishing something spiritual in the natural world. In striking contrast to leadership when defined from the natural viewpoint, leadership in God’s kingdom is first spiritual since God is the ultimate Leader and the King in “kingdom” is spiritually motivated.

Every person born is created. Leadership is innate to our very existence. We are here because of God’s leadership. The King is the Creator. From that definition we can understand kingdom leadership in a light totally contradictory to leadership in the world order.

There is a difference between creation and the world order. Both have spiritual origination in the sense of leadership, but the Creation represents what the Father wants and the world order represents what hell wants from that creation. These are opposing kingdoms.

So, to discuss leadership at all, we must go back to origination in order to discover the source from which the leader and his leadership originates. This defines what his leadership will produce, the seed or DNA determines the end product or harvest of leadership.

With Saul and David this is especially revealing because each was chosen by God, anointed by God, transformed and empowered by God, and positioned by God to lead God’s kingdom people. Yet, the contrast between Saul and David’s leadership appears significant.

Since Saul and David represent firsts in kingdom leadership, we discover revelation of God’s strategy for kingdom leadership in His responses to their leadership decisions and how He puts leaders together to prepare them to succeed in kingdom leadership.

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